Okrug - Trogir Riviera - Excursions - Fishing


If you wish to feel like true locals who have been fishing for centuries as part of their tradition, try your hand at throwing a fishing net – catching your own lunch is a great experience! You can go fishing on your own, or you can take a trip including the visit to some of the small coves on the Island of Šolta and enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Okrug - Trogir Riviera - Excursions - Olive harvesting


Another great idea is to visit the olive grove near the Town of Trogir, or the eco-ethno village of Škopljanci, offering an authentic experience of Dalmatia as it used to be! The visit to the olive grove, olive harvesting and processing, as well as the production process of the valuable olive oil will introduce you to one of the most important local traditions, while the visit to the eco-ethno village will provide you with the opportunity to taste the Dalmatian cuisine, local products, listen to the Dalmatian traditional songs and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the small stone streets and houses.

Okrug - Trogir Riviera - Excursions - Fish picnic


For all of you who can't get enough of the sun and the sea, the FISH PICNIC is an excellent choice, including the visit to the three islands – Drvenik, Šolta and Čiovo!

You will be amazed by the beauty of the Krknjaši Bay in front of the Island of Drvenik, for its sandy seabed and the crystal-clear sea water, which has been named the Blue Lagoon (cro. Plava laguna), walk along the fishermen's village of Maslinica on the Island of Šolta and buy a souvenir, and enjoy a delicious lunch at the small restaurant at the Duga Bay on the Island of Čiovo!

Okrug excursions - National Park Kornati


Of course, it is an amazing archipelago which includes some 150 uninhabited islands and bays – the Kornati National Park! The poetic figure of speech used in the subheading is the work of the Irish playwright G.B. Shaw, and if you take this trip in a boat, passing between the islands, stopping at one of the most beautiful bays of the archipelago, you will see for yourself that the expressions he uses are true indeed! Kornati are the perfect place for all those who wish to enjoy the natural beauty and the crystal-clear sea, and for you to be able to enjoy completely, the trip includes lunch, as well as wine and juices which are served on board or at some of the restaurants on the islands.

Surrounding Excursions

The excellent location of the Town of Okrug enables you to create and to select great excursions tailored to your needs. Whether you opt for an excursion organized on your own or an arranged thematic visit, we truly beleve that you will enjoy it! Consider our recommendatons and choose the destinaton and the activities which suit you best!