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The guests who return year after year for ten years in a row

Fisherman's Festival in Okrug-Trogir
Split - Diocletian's Palace - Riva promenade

are the best guarantee that Okrug has a winning formula for a truly unique vacation, the advantages of which are highly personalized services, interested and kind hosts, the accommodation brought to the highest level and, of course, the irresistible Dalmatian mixture of the crystal-clear sea, an almost pristine nature, amazing cultural heritage and world-.famous cuisine. And if you add a pinch of adrenaline rush to this mixture – attracting the ones seeking an active vacation, your vacation is really going to be a well-rounded one!

About Okrug

In the heart of the Island of Čiovo,

just a few kilometers from the Town of Trogir, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, there is another Mediterranean gem – The Town of Okrug! The most popular destination of the Trogir Riviera, comfortably "ensconced“ in Saldun Bay, comprises two towns:
Okrug Gornji and Okrug Donji.

Peninsula Ciovo - Okrug - Trogir
Okrug's Copacabana - Beach Toc

'Okrug's Copacabana'

a "beating heart" of this area, which in summer becomes the center of social life of the Riviera, is the two-kilometers-long pebble beach named Toć with a promenade. This place is the center of all the daytime and nighttime events – during the day, it is crowded with swimmers enjoying sports and recreational activities, while at night it caters to entertainment lovers and food travelers (gastronomads)

Trogir-City of UNESCO
Split - Diocletian's Palace - Riva promenade


The Town of Okrug is only 8 km away from Split Airport and highway, so it may well be said that the entire globe is within one's reach from the Town of Okrug (cro. slang cila balota zemaljska (iz Okruga) kao na dohvat ruke)! The guests staying in Okrug can reach the beautiful Town of Trogir, rich with cultural heritage, and the ACI marina by taking a five-minute ride by bus or by car, a 20-minute walk, and in the summer, a 15-minute ride in a boat. They will be only 30 km away from walking along the famous Diocletian's Palace, having a cup of coffee at the popular Riva promenade and the Town of Split.

2,670 hours of sunshine per year

Although the crystal-clear sea, islands, hidden bays such as Duboka and Široka, as well as the beaches close to the villages of Bok, Bušinci and Mavarčica, the Kava and Rudej beaches make the Town of Okrug the most desirable town to visit during the summer period, owing to its extremely mild climate with an average temperature of 16,3°C, one can actually stay at this Mediterranean oasis at any time of the year. If you prefer boat trips, you can opt for an extremely pleasant visit to the protected bays of Kancelirovac and Racetinovac!

Okrug - Trogir - Racetinovac bay

The overwhelming spirit (cro. slang štih) of ancient times

Racettini Brothers Summer Residence - the Racetinovac Bay - Okrug - Trogir
St. John's Tower - Okrug

The Town of Okrug was first mentioned at the end of the Middle Ages, and the traces of the former way of life, as well as the precious cultural heritage add a special charm to the Town. Visit old stone houses in the Town center, as well as picturesque fields and olive groves surrounded by drywalls – which indicate that its original inhabitants were fishermen and farmers.
Small picturesque churches and countryside, where

hermits and nobles used to find their refuge and a place to rest, are the sites that will certainly enrich your vacation experience! There is the ancient Church of St. Tudor, located on the very coast in Okrug Gornji – where, according to historical records, the first hermit arriving from the Town of Trogir withdrew to the solitude of the place, the remains of the late Antiquity site of the Church and Monastery of St. Euphemia on the Island of Sveta Fumija, as well as the remains of the summer residence of Racettini brothers at the Racetinovac Bay, are just a few among the intriguing stone witnesses of the rich history of this region.

Trogir-Town of UNESCO
Split - Diocletian's Palace - Riva promenade

Cultural valuables

Although the tourists find the very Town of Okrug amazing for its cultural and historical heritage, the ones who are interested in sightseeing will particularly appreciate the aforementioned vicinity of the local destinations popular among the lovers of cultural valuables, such as the towns of Trogir and Split! Trogir, which carries the appellation of the best-preserved medieval town in the Mediterranean, is a must-see museum town which has been inhabited for over two thousand years, attracting thousands of curious tourists from all over the world every year! The historical center of the Town of Trogir is a unique sight, and its universal value

was confirmed in 1997 when the Town was inscribed on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The Town of Split, which is distinctive in many ways, and is particularly known for its relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, attracts its visitors with its distinctive emblems. From the Marjan Forest Park to the magnificent Diocletian's Palace, from the old town center to the popular Riva promenade, this town is bursting with authenticity, and you will definitely not regret if you devote some of your time to visiting it as part of your vacation in Okrug!

Okrug - Trogir - Camerlengo Fortress
Split town of UNESCO - the Marjan Peninsula

Lace-like coastline

The lace-like appearance of a deeply indented Adriatic Sea coastline also applies to the Town of Okrug! A special atmosphere is created by nearby islands and the islets of the archipelago of Trogir - Sv. Fumija, Kraljevac, Klude, Veli and Mali Drvenik, as well as the neighboring island of Šolta which is well-connected with the Town of Okrug by daily boat trip lines, and the towns of Veli and Mali Drvenik are connected by a daily ferry line via Trogir. The bays of Duga, Duboka and Široka on the south-west part of the Island (Tatinja is located further south) are perfect for spending one's vacation at a unique location in the wilderness, in the peace and shade of pine trees with a view of the green islands of Sv. Fumija and Kraljevac.

The Ciovo Peninsula - Okrug - Trogir
Okrug's Copacabana - Beach Toc
King Bela IV - Islet of Kraljevac - Okrug

If you are a fan of scuba diving, join the tours organized by the local scuba diving center and engage in the exploration of the rich underwater world of Okrug and of the neighboring islands. If you prefer sticking to the mainland, you will be delighted to know that the entire island is covered by a road network, old well-trodden intertwining paths that used to lead to the sea, the fields or churches. They are still an ideal place for nature lovers, walking and cycling, and if you have the courage to climb onto the peak of the Island, you will be rewarded for your hard work with a beautiful panoramic view of the open sea and the neighboring islands!

Did you know that its name reminds of the famous stay of Bela IV, the King of Hungary and Croatia, who found a retreat on this small islet in 1242?

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