THERE ARE NUMEROUS ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS FOR ALL TASTES AND AGES. A rich program of the Okrug Summer Nights will lend your vacation another dose of attractiveness! The Okrug Summer will particularly delight the youngest guests, because there is an entire week dedicated to them with special workshops and performances that mostly take place on the beach and in the small port of Toć in Okrug Gornji. There are also City games (the former Adriatic Games) which take place there, as well as fishermen's nights, the concerts of popular local performers (the so-called White Night – cro. Bila noć, which has already become a traditional event with the concert of Marijan Ban and the Dictators band!), the performance of the local mandolin orchestra, folklore festivals, local product fairs and a number of other events. The guests with a refined taste in music will gladly attend the performances of classical music in the atmosphere of the Church of the Assumption of St. Cross (cro. Crkva Uzvišenja Sv. Križa), the crypt of which often hosts art exhibitions. Fortunately for all the visitors and active vacation lovers, the attractive Tour of Croatia cycling race route passes through the Town! Get informed on time in order not to miss any of the events which suit your taste!

OKRUG SUMMER NIGHTS - Program of events