AN EXCELLENT CYCLING EXPERIENCE IN A MEDITERRANEAN AMBIENCE. Exploring the landscape on two wheels is a great way to get familiar with an area deep inside, and if you are among the lovers of an active holiday, in the Town of Okrug you can enjoy cycling along bicycle trails in a pleasant and picturesque surroundings! The view of the landmarks, drystone walls and olive groves of Okrug, as well as of its cliffs and nearby islets, along with characteristic scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, is a unique experience, and since the entire Island of Čiovo features a network of cycling routes, it represents a magnificent destination for all of those looking for a vacation spiced up with a little bit of adrenaline. You will find cycling routes with obstacles which require less technical skill, as well as those with certain sections which require great skill, and with the information we provide, you will be able to select the route that will suit your needs. Picturesque churches and historical remains you will encounter along the way represent cultural treasures worth visiting which give the cyclng route a particular charm. The good news is that owing to an extremely mild climate and a large number of sunshine hours per year, you can use these routes throughout the entire year!


Trogir – Mastrinka – Arbanija – Slatine – Rudine – Žedno – Okrug Gornji – Čiovo – Trogir.
VISIT THE OLDEST SETTLEMENT ON THE ISLAND AND THE FORMER HERMIT RETREAT! If you select this route, go from the Trogir Promenade across the Bridge of Čiovo, taking the main road towards the villages of Mastrinka and Arbanija. Cycling by the very coast gives you an excellent view of the Town of Kaštela, while your attention will be drawn by small pebble beaches inviting you to a short break and refreshment! After cycling for 3 km, you will pass through the village of Mastrinka – don't miss the view of a Dominican Monastery and the Church of St. Cross (cro. Crkva sv. Križa) dating back to the 15th cenury which you will be able to see to your left! Ride through the village of Arbanija and proceed towards the village of Slatine, a tourist village administratively subordinated to the Town of Split since the Middle Ages when the Island of Čiovo was split between the communes of Trogir and Split. On a slight slope you will see the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which embellishes the site, while the ascent from the village of Slatine to the right in the direction of Rudine, towards the highest peak of the island, will reward you with a beautiful view of the entire northern part of the Island and the Bay of Kaštela. Proceed along the asphalt road by the olive groves in the directon of the village of Žedno, the oldest village on the Island, from where you will be able to enjoy the view of the group of islets of the archipelago of the Drvenik Channel. In Žedno, the only village on the Island without an access to the sea, in addition to the Church of the Blessed John of Trogir (cro. Crkva Bl. Ivana Trogirskog), there is the ancient Church of St. Maurice (cro. Crkva Sv. Mavra) built on the Roman mansion – around which hermits used to gather for centuries. Then make a slight descent towards Okrug Gornji – its beautiful beaches and bays, as well as 2,670 sunshine hours per year, make it a very attractive destination on the domestic tourism map! Go from Okrug Gornji in the direction of Trogir, and you will soon arrive at the starting point.

Arbanija – Žedno – Rudine – Vrh – Slatine – Arbanija
ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL VIEWS FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE ISLAND! Start from the Dominican Monastery in Arbanija, make a 1.5 km long ascent along the asphalt road towards the village of Žedno through the pine forest. When you reach the hilltop, make a turn towards the center of the village, where you will see the Church of the Blessed John of Trogir to the left and a sign indicating the direction of the Church of St. Maurice (cro. Crkva Sv. Mavra). If you wish to visit the church, follow the forest path through the macchia and olive groves. Although this is a hiking trail, with some more caution and technical skill you will be able to cross the route by bike. Proceed from the center of Žedno for some 500 meters along the asphalt road to the rest area from which there is a beautiful view of the western part of the Island and the Drvenik Channel archipelago. When you reach the rest area, turn left onto the gravel path and follow the road towards the Rudine viewpoint. Continue for some time along the asphalt road, turn right and proceed onto the gravel path along the ridge of the Island, enjoying the beautiful views from both sides of the Island of Čiovo! Led by the scents of the Island's vegetation and the characteristic chirping of crickets, you will arrive at the crossing with the gravel path leading towards the center of Slatine. Next to the landing site for helicopters, get onto the asphalt road and descend in the direction of Slatine through gardens and olive groves. When you reach the center of the village, turn left and proceed towards Arbanija, thinking about the well-deserved rest at one of the beautiful beaches hidden at the foot of the pine trees which create a pleasant shade during the summer heat – this is an ideal place for families with small children and the ones who prefer peace and quiet!

Slatine – Mirine – Gospe od Prizidnice (Glava) – Prisoje – Slatine
A CHALLENGE FOR MORE EXPERIENCED BIKE RIDERS! Go from the center of Slatine along the costal road, heading east towards Mirine – on the left, you will see the long pebble beach, and the sound of the waves will invite you to look towards the blue expanse of the sea and the green forest of the Marjan Hill Park mentioned in numerous songs and poems, behind which you will see the Town of Split shyly emerging in the distance! After some 1.5 km, you will arrive at the crossroads at Mirine, where you can turn left and proceed along the gravel path towards the big quarry known as Kava. From the quarry, you can proceed further along the coastline towards the easternmost point of the Island of Čiovo (The Promontory of Čiovo) using the narrow hiking trail. There are numerous stories and legends about this place, such as the ancient beliefs in the temple of Jupiter and the torturing of Christians by the Emperor Diocletian at this very place. This route is to be used only by experienced bike riders in search of adrenaline rush – namely, you will need to push the bike, or even carry it, along certain sections of the route! If you proceed along the asphalt road at Mirine, you will need to ascend for some 1.5 km through olive groves and the macchia, and on the top there is another crossroads. If you turn left, the gravel path will lead you towards Glava – a beautiful viewpoint from which there is a unique view of the Town of Split and its hinterland with the Mosor and Biokovo mountains in the distance. If you turn right at the crossroads, you will descend towards the eremitic sanctuary of Our Lady of Prizidnica dating back to the 16th century, located within a beautiful natural surroundings on the south side of the Island, on a cliff by the sea. The steep cliffs, the blue sea, the agaves in blossom and a number of indigenous plant species, along with the old monastery and the small church embellished with votive ships, make this area a true treasure worth visiting! From the sanctuary you need to go back heading west along the gravel path gradually ascending, revealing great views – to the left, the neighboring islands of Brač, Šolta and Drvenik, with the islands of Hvar and Vis further away on the horizon, and the entire Town of Kaštela with the Mount Kozjak to the right! You will arrive at the crossroads with the gravel path, enjoying the scents of the plants growing on the Island along the way. Take the gravel path and descend towards the center of Slatine.

Okrug Gornji – Okrug Donji – Gnjilovača – Labaduša – Okrug Gornji)
A GOOD BIKE ROUTE! Riding along the western part of the Island of Čiovo starts at the Rožac Tourist Informaton Center in Okrug Gornji. The ride proceeds along the coast of the Island, passing by the "Copacabana of Okrug" - the Toć Beach and by the Church of St. Theodore which dates back to the 6th century. If you continue cycling along the coast, you will arrive at the small port of Toć, after which you need to turn right and proceed along the beach towards the Kuzmići Bay, from where you need to turn left and up the slope towards the main road. Take the main road and ride in the direction of Okrug Donji, and the beauty of the view of olive groves and the pine forest, Saldun – the bay with almost the best maritime features on our coastline, as well as of the hinterland of Trogir and Seget Donji, will take your breath away! At your arrival at Okrug Donji, to your left, take a look at the Chapel of St. John the Baptist (cro. Kapela Sv. Ivana Krstitelja) dating back to the 17th century, and proceed towards the westernmost point of the Island of Čiovo (The Okrug Promontory) from which there is a view of the Bay of Trogir and Marina with the accompanying archipelago (you can reach the Okrug Promontory by a jogging track along the coast). Go from the Okrug Promontory through the King Zvonimir Street towards the old island quarry (known as Kava), from where the stone used for the building of the bell tower of the Cathedral of Trogir was excavated. Continue the ride by ascending a slight slope towards the Chapel of St. John the Baptist and turn right onto the gravel path leading to the southern part of the Island through the picturesque landscape of olive groves and small gardens surrounded by drystone walls. You will soon be able to see the Bay of St. Fumija in front of you with its numerous cliffs and islets, the biggest among which being the one of Fumija with the remains of the Church of St. Euphemia dating back to the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages! In the vicinity of Fumija, there is a thickly forested islet of Kraljevac, thus named since Bela IV, the King of Hungary and Croatia, took refuge there during the Tatar invasion in the 13th century. At the end of the gravel path, get onto the main road again, and then turn right in order to arrive at the crossroads – if you turn right at the crossroads, you will descend down the gravel path into the Branac Bay, and if you turn left onto the asphalt road, you will pass by the Labadusa campsite restaurant and the Duga tavern and arrive to the bay bearing the same name, opposite of which there is the Island of Fumija with the afore-mentioned remains of the Church of St. Euphemia in plain view. Then you need to take the same route to go back to the main road, turn right and ride back to the inhabited part of Okrug Gornji – there you turn right in the direction of the Mavarčica Bay, passing by the newly-built Church of the Assumption of St. Cross at the center of Okrug Gornji. After having visited the old town center of the former village of Okrug Gornji and passed by the Church of St. Charles Borromeo (cro. Crkva Sv. Karla Boromejskog) dating back to the 17th century, go back and descend towards the Toć Beach.

Trogir – Okrug G. – Troglavica – Bušinci – M. Draga – Žedno – Trogir
A TECHNICALLY CHALLENGING ROUTE FOR ADVENTUROUS BIKE RIDERS. The cycling route along the central part of the Island of Čiovo is designed for experienced bike riders due to some of the sections which are technically challenging. It starts on the Trogir Promenade and after the crossing of the bridge it turns right. You need to take the main road, ride along the shipyard, and then along the Rožac Campsite and the Toć Beach in Okrug Gornji. There you need to pass by the Church of St. Theodore the origins of which date back to the 6th century. You will arrive into the small port of Toć where you need to proceed along the coast towards the Kancelirovac Bay – there you can take some rest and, since it is not accessible by bike, you can walk to the Racetinovac Bay where you will be able to see the remains of the aristocratic Racettini Family Summer Residence dating back to the 17th century, next to which there is a water tank and the ruins of the chapel consecrated to St. Anthony the Hermit (cro. Sv. Antun Pustinjak). At Kancelirovc Bay you need to climb up onto the main road (at this point, you will need to push the bike, or even carry it!) and ride towards the Tatinja Bay where you can get onto the very attractive coastal road leading through the towns of Rastići and Bušinci to the Mavarčica Bay. The coastal road will reveal another treasure of the Island of Čiovo – beautiful small beaches at the Vela and Mala Draga Bays! Take the same road to return and then turn right on the asphalt road in the direction of Žedno – at the center of the village, you can visit the Church of the Blessed John of Trogir (cro. Crkva Bl. Ivana Trogirskog) to the left and you will see the direction signs for the Church of St. Maurice (cro. Crkva Sv. Mavra), where the hermits used to gather together in ancient times. You will get there by following the forest path through the macchia and olive groves, but with a little bit more caution and technical skill. On your return, you need to pass through Žedno again and proceed in the direction of Okrug towards the sharp left turn at which you will turn right in order to get onto the gravel path you need to take to descend towards the Trogir Promenade.

Rules of Conduct

Cycling is a pleasant activity beneficial for the body. It brings joy to all cyclists as they move through space.
In order for your ride to be even more pleasant and safe, you need to abide by the safety rules enforced in the Republic of Croatia.

Avoid fines and listen to the advice:
- Cyclists must use bike paths or bike lanes, and if there are no paths or lanes, they should keep to the right-hand side of the road.
- If two or more cyclists are riding together as a group, they are obliged to move one behind another.
- A cyclist must not do anything to affect the stability of the bicycle or to disturb other traffic participants. They especially must not take both hands off the handlebars, hold on to another vehicle, and transport, pull or push objects that could endanger the ride or other traffic participants.
- Cyclists younger than 16 must wear a helmet while riding on the road.
The fine for each of the above offences is HRK 300.00.
By adhering to these rules, you are taking care of yourself, as well as other traffic participants.